Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Solving your own computer problems -- getting unstuck

Many of my friends and colleagues become quickly paralyzed when it comes to solving problems on the computer. Whether the problem is a forgotten password or difficulty formatting a document, many of us quickly feel blocked and unable to move forward. This is no surprise as most of us did not grow up with computers and nobody ever taught us how to solve these problems.

Having worked at a technical university for awhile and being married to a geek (!!!), I have learned a number of steps that one can take to solve these sorts of problems. In order to share these steps with friends and colleagues, I wrote them out, and then a colleague at Carlow made an infographic. If you tend to get stuck while working on the computer, check out this help sheet:

Problems-solving steps for minor computer problems


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  2. Thanks for your comment! I'm glad this is helpful.


  3. Many serious computer problems arise from failure to troubleshoot minor issues. Because computers are undeniably part of our lives, we must at least know how to fix simple problems. This guide can empower people to do just that. Thanks for sharing this, Harriet!

  4. Yep, this guide’s pretty straightforward! I like that you recognized the problem often encountered by a lot today. Computers are complex machines, and you really can’t solve the problems by just working your way through them. This guide can help lots of people solve common issues, thereby reducing the headache caused by computer problems.

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