Tuesday, August 20, 2013

APA Citation Decision Tree

APA workshops are often designed to help students understand how to cite various types of sources, however I think the primary challenge with APA is knowing when to cite. Some students are also unclear about when something from a source should be in quotation marks and when quotation marks are not needed. This summer I designed the graphic above to help you understand when to cite, when to use quotation marks, when to quote directly, and what to include in your reference list. Click on the graphic above to see a larger version and right click on it to save it to your desktop.

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  1. Love This! I would like to share with students at my institution through the Learning Centre. http://www.kpu.ca/learningcentres
    What permissions might be required?

    1. You are welcome to use this -- consider this note to be permission. Please use this URL to share the graphic: http://tinyurl.com/APAcitehelp

  2. I'd like to see a version that was just Citation Decision Tree. (don't you love when you do a marvelous thing ad everybody wants you to tweak it to suit them? :-D ) We use BCE in my Biology Classes, but the basic gist is the same, If it;s not an original thought with you you've got to cite a source and you;ve got to do it in the text!


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