Friday, May 7, 2010

Recycled quilts encourage me!

The other day I heard from one of my former students, Renae Neumeyer, who is now an art teacher. Her students made quilts from recycled materials... the story and photos inspired me, so I share it with you!

From Renae:

The art show is comprised exclusively of select 8th grade Recycled Quilts from my CMS art classes. The “quilts” are made from traditional quilt templates but rather than fabric they are made with…trash! This project was our art room Earth Day initiative. Thanks again to the CMS students and staff for your help collecting packaging for this project!

I hope you enjoy pictures below, but also get a chance to stop by and see the work in person. I have attached the show flier with directions. Thanks for your support of this CMS community-based art show!


Renae Neumeyer
Art Teacher
Carson Middle School

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