Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stress management -- if you need it, take a break!

And here's another piece of end-of-semester advice, this contributed by my colleague and collaborator Melanie Booth from Prattlenog:

Sometimes, when you've tried everything to keep in the groove and stay in the groove and you're still feeling burned out, tired, or drained of all motivation, it's actually just best to acknowledge your feelings and take a little break from it all -- a mini-vacation from school stuff. Even only one or two days away from it, where you don't touch a book or work on a paper or even *think* about an upcoming test, and instead where you do something that will give you energy and focus -- such as planting your garden, going on a long hike, or doing things you enjoy with friends -- you can return to your studies having felt like you've had a little vacation. And even though you may not be actively be doing things during that time, chances are your brain will still be working for you and you may not even know it. (Of course, it's important to schedule your little vacation so that you don't skip classes or miss assignments. It's also important that you do come back!)

Cheering you on in your work!


  1. Though many schools are finishing up their finals, some of us still have several weeks worth of classes to attend. Any helpful advice to those of us still pulling the long haul?

  2. Hi Audrey, Thanks for your question! See my new post and the next few, for suggestions. Harriet


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