Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Know? Confused? Ask!

A funny thing happens when we go back to school as adults. We expect ourselves to know how to do everything. By that I mean... in every day life, we are accustomed to feeling on top of things, so when we go back to school, we expect the same to be true, that we'll know how to manage all of the technology and administrative processes.

However, for many adult students, school presents new organizational and process challenges. If you are enrolling in college for the first time, you may be unclear as to what offices provide what services. Or if you are going back for a graduate degree, but have been out of school for awhile, you may find that the processes have changed.

So, if you are having any problems or challenges with any aspect of starting your school year -- whether it is registering for classes, changing your schedule, buying books, finding rooms, accessing online tools that your professors are using.... whatever the challenges might be... ask for help. Ask your advisor, or program administrative assistant, or a friendly faculty member, or even another student.

As adults accustomed to feeling on top of these things, we can be self-conscious about asking for help. However, the school year moves quickly and you don't want to lose any time. So, keep in mind that most new students have questions, and reach out for help!

Cheering you on in your work.

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