Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dealing with burnout -- catch it early and take a break

Most of us hit stretches where we start to feel some burnout... tired of the work, sick of the topic, fed up with the reading.... and so on. When we notice these feelings, it is important to act quickly. The deeper the burnout gets, the more time it typically takes to recover. And we're about efficiency and staying on track.... so nip those burnout feelings early.

1. Take a day off. I don't mean take a day off and clean the house (unless that really fills your soul). Nor do I mean take a day off and catch up on other work. I mean take a day off for yourself. Do something that you know will help you relax, refresh, and re-energize.

2. Change the scenery. Think of somewhere you love that you haven't been for awhile... maybe it's the woods, or the beach...maybe it's your local amusement park or heck, even the mall. Go somewhere you love that will engage you such that you will focus on things other than school work. Stepping away from the desk and into a fresh environment can really help you separate from the work. This is important... go feed your soul.

3. Spend time with a person, or people, who give you good energy. Be with people who make you laugh and who think your jokes are funny too! Be with someone who really gets you.

These strategies won't resolve deeper burnout, but may help you regroup early when you are feeling those pangs of work fatigue.

What other strategies have you employed?


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