Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More on time managment

My friend Melanie Booth also writes a blog for students. Yesterday she posted the question "What can you do differently?" Melanie notes that typically when adults go back to school, they are asked "what will you give up?". She suggests that instead of giving up that which is important to us, we can instead change how we do things, thus finding that extra time that we need for school.

One of the changes that I made to snag more time for school was to use my lunch hours more constructively. Melanie talks about using her lunch hours for exercise. Throughout much of my degree program, I used a gym that wasn't near campus. I had gotten in the habit of eating lunch at my desk and spending random time online. So instead, I used a few lunch hours a week for "study hall." I took my lunch and school reading and found a quiet corner in our university center and completed a good chunk of reading.

Melanie's post is definitely worth reading, so check it out:

Cheering you on!

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