Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More thinking about confidence

Two readers, Donna and Paperback Writer, responded to my post asking about confidence. Both said that others perceive them as more confident than they feel inside. Both noted that they are still working on their confidence. This might surprise some of my students... but in some situations, I still work on my confidence too! I'm not as confident as I would like to be, all of the time.

Here is one of the strategies that I use.... in those moments when I feel very solid, very confident, I pause and really take note of how I am feeling... how I feel emotionally, how I feel in my body (my posture, my body awareness, etc.). I try to really take that all in, almost like a snapshot. And then in a future situation, when I'm not feeling as confident, I try to put myself back in that previous more confident place. I picture myself walking into the room (where I felt confident), I remember what I felt in my body, etc. I find that this can give me a confidence boost in those situations when I'm not feeling as solid.

Anyone else... any sort of imagery or visualization that you use?

Keep at it!

Photo by HLS. Vancouver, B.C.

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