Thursday, August 27, 2009

The to-do list....

Thanks to Nikhil who responded to my last post, in particular suggesting that we need to plan for interrupted time.

Making a to-do list is just the start... something to help us narrow our focus on what needs to be done this week and what can wait. Effectively managing that to do list will likely require some finesse.

First off, as I noted in an earlier post.... plan your study times... thinking you'll just fit it in is not likely to work. Schedule blocks of school work time right into your schedule. However as Nikhil suggests, sometimes those blocks will be interrupted. How will you adjust?

A few strategies include: asking for help (e.g. extra help around the house so you can do your work), rescheduling something optional to a later date so you can work now, and taking full advantage of unexpected free time (an appointment gets cancelled, etc.... hit the books).

And bottom line... if you get totally overwhelmed, talk with your professor.

What other strategies have you used to make up for lost time, when something comes along and disrupts your previously-scheduled study time?

Keep at it!

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