Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is what procrastination looks like!

My very good friend Lisa is working on her dissertation. She is also one of the funniest people I know (and in fact is researching humor -- how cool is that!). She blogs about her dissertation process and earlier this year, posted the following re: procrastination. This is reprinted with Lisa's permission. Enjoy! And then get back to work! This is called:

"What to do when I don't want to do"
  1. Make a list of the things I should be doing
  2. Reorganize the list of the things I should be doing
  3. Search for software that will help me keep track of the things I should be doing
  4. Check e-mail
  5. Check Facebook
  6. Check Linked-In
  7. Post to my blog
  8. Read other people's blogs
  9. Subscribe to new podcasts
  10. Sync my iPod
  11. Clean out my closet
  12. Buy stuff, preferably clothes or shoes
  13. Search for journal articles that I don't really need
  14. Think about working out
  15. Avoid working out
  16. Think about making a really healthy dinner
  17. Eat some string cheese
  18. Pet a dog
  19. Make a list of improvements we need to make to the house
  20. Call Charles to see when he'll be home


  1. Hilarious! Can we add to the list? Here's my contribution:
    --Comment on other people's blog posts.


  2. Or how about this:

    -- Hang out with a friend who should also be doing homework.


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