Friday, January 15, 2010

When the first week of class is overwhelming

Hi All,

For some, a first class, or first week of classes can be overwhelming - papers, projects, exams, a ton of reading... so much work lies ahead.

Steps to reduce your anxiety:

1. Get out your syllabus (or syllabi if you are taking more than one class) and put all of the due dates/exam dates on your calendar (and if you don't have a planner or calendar ((electronic or paper)), go get one NOW!).

2 Assess whether you have all readings on hand -- if not, purchase remaining books, download remaining articles, etc.

3. Make a to-do list of whatever is due in the next week.

4. Look ahead to your coming week and schedule the blocks of time when you will work. Do not leave this up to chance, plan ahead.

5. Be creative about finding more time to work on school work... e.g. can you do some reading over your lunch hours or on the bus?

6. Read assignments ahead of time, so that if you have questions, you can contact your professor.

7. Do at least something every day (or almost every day). Even on busy days, if you read even one or a few pages, you will keep your momentum going and all those short work sessions add up to more work completed.

This list should help you get going. Readers -- any other strategies you wish to suggest?

Ok, we'll look at how it is going next week.

You can do it!

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