Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The magic of feedback

Last night in class, the energy was a bit low. This made sense, students had just handed in their biggest paper of the course, and the room was warm, and so on....

I was also teaching a particular lesson differently than I had before, and I wondered if the material was at all confusing or uninteresting, so I asked for feedback at the break.

One student spoke with me and told me that the connection between the first part of the session and the second part of the session (both chunks we had worked through before the break), that the connection was still unclear.

So I explained it again after break.

In the meantime, I continued thinking about that feedback last night and this morning, and have decided to frame the lesson differently this evening when I teach one more section of the class.

The new framework makes more sense, I believe. And I would not have evolved in my thinking without that student's feedback.

Once again -- value the feedback, it's good stuff.

Have a good day,

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