Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Publish your work online!

Check out Student Pulse, an online academic student journal! They are looking for good work from undergrads, graduate students, and recent graduates. Let me know if you get something published and I'll feature the link here.

More info on Student Pulse:


We believe that students have valuable ideas about the world around us. Unfortunately, most students only get to share their best ideas—the ones they write about every day in academic essays and research papers—with their Professors, and occasionally their peers.

At Student Pulse, we change that dynamic by giving students another avenue to share their work. At the same time, Student Pulse is not just an online blog...

All articles are carefully reviewed, placing a high value on the use of references and the quality of work cited. Work that does not meet our high standards is respectfully turned away, with recommendations for improvement.


Are you interested in having your academic work published? We want to publish your work if you:
  • Express new and interesting ideas in your writing;
  • Carefully and meticulously reference other high-quality sources;
  • Consistently use proper grammar and stylistic conventions, and;
  • Strive to produce the best writing and research you are able to!
Happy Writing!

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