Monday, July 26, 2010

Cool tools -- Cacoo

I've been looking for software (ideally free software) that I can use to diagram a theoretical model that I'm developing. I've tried a few, but they haven't worked well. Last night, I found Cacoo. It's free, and easy (drop and drag the shapes, icons, lines, etc.). So far so good!

Have you discovered any new online tools this summer? If so, please let us know in the comment section below!

Good luck with the work!

p.s. I am not affiliated with Cacoo -- I simply am trying the tool and liking it, so I'm passing it on to you.


  1. Hi Harriet,

    Give a try! I use this for visual collaboration for our distributed design and dev team. Its a great diagramming app with fantastic support for wireframes, UML and even flowcharts, etc.

    The real clincher is that Creately comes with pre-built extensive shape sets and ready-made templates that’ll help you draw your wireframes or mockups in just minutes. The 1-Click styling features, and 1-Click Create and Connect with smart connectors make diagramming a pleasure on Creately.

    Creately comes with both free and paid plans. You can also try out creately now without signing up –

    Let me know if you found this useful.


  2. Hi Indu, Thanks for suggesting Creately. I just took a look and the tool looks wonderful, however there is not a free version? Generally, the tools I mention on the blog are free -- I'm very aware of grad students often being on a tight budget. Thanks for the tip though! Harriet

  3. Hi Harriet,

    Creately has a free version, and you can apply for scholarship to receive access to Creately at cheaply discounted rates. Check it out to learn more about this -



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