Monday, November 15, 2010

Stress Management: Plan your reward!

At this point in the semester, many students are just plain tired. You've been working hard to balance school, work, family and other responsibilities... you may be headed into final papers, presentations, or exams... and you are tired! You are ready for break.

One strategy I have used that has reduced my stress at least a little bit at times, is to plan an end-of-semester reward. Depending on time, money and other obligations -- the reward might be big, like going away for a weekend or seemingly small, like an afternoon at the movies with friends. The reward might be shopping or taking time to paint or make music. Whatever it is, planning something that you will do, something that you enjoy, at the end of the semester reminds you that break will be here soon and also that something fun is on the horizon.

What will you do to treat yourself?

Cheering you on in your work!

photo by hls

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