Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome back! You can do it!

I know that some students return from Thanksgiving break feeling rested and ready to finish the semester. Other students return from break in a bit of a panic about the work that remains. I'm here to tell you, you can do this!

If you are feeling good, keep at it -- don't let the week slip away, but keep doing at least a little bit of work each day to stay on track.

If you are stressed, overwhelmed -- go back to the basics. Be sure that you have a to do list and that you have prioritized the work that remains before the end of the semester. Block out time in your schedule to do work. If you look at that list and aren't sure how you will meet your deadlines, explore taking some time off work to focus on school work. Or ask for extra help around the house so you can find somewhere quiet and do your own work. If you are in a crunch, something will have to give -- step back for a moment and look at your options. Also, work strategically -- do the challenging work (reading, writing, editing) when you are at your best and use the times when you are tired for the easier work (printing articles, checking citations, building your reference list, etc).

You can do this!

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