Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Paperback Writer...

Hi There,

Thanks for posting. Here was your comment:

"As you know, the whole process of setting time aside to study is still a hinderance for me. I used to close the door of my office to study, but I'm finding that even doing this I'm still distracted. I think the best for me (currently) is to have a completely different environment when I want to have some good quality study time."

Good call to try to move to a different environment if that is what is working best for you!

If you'd like, please tell me what happens when you are working at home with the office door shut, and you still have trouble concentrating. Take me through a scenario... and let me see if I have any ideas.

Thanks again for writing,

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  1. Hey Harriet,

    Funny. It didn't register that I had logged in with my google account.

    Anyway, even with my door shut policy, I am still in my office...which isn't strictly my office. I share this office with my husband. Also, in this office are my bookmaking supplies and of course, the bills that I have to pay. Not all my distractions are in this office, but there are enough to throw me off.

    Add to the mix on weekends, my house doubles in capacity with an extra adult, three kids and a dog; all of whom I happen to love, but keeping quiet with three kids under the age of five is not in their vocabularly.

    My husband tries very hard not to disturb me, but sometimes he does peek his head in to make sure I'm doing all right. Sweet, but it does break my concentration.

    That's when I decided that I need a new change in environment.



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