Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ritual and routine can provide study support

Most adult students are on a tight timeline when it comes to meeting deadlines for school. Gone are the days of study hall fifth period and after school time to do homework. We are trying to fit school work in between our jobs, family responsibilities and so on. Ideally, we need to be able to sit down when the time is right, and just get right to work. But how do we quickly transition from job to assigned readings, or from taking care of kids to writing a paper?

Many adult students find that a particular activity helps them transition. For example, my friend Lisa takes a brisk walk with her dogs (sometimes in the park pictured above in Birmingham!) to get energized before she begins working. I have at times benefitted from a quick work out, also to increase my energy level. And at other times, I have found that folding laundry (that's right, folding laundry) or some other fairly mindless and slightly repetitive physical activity, cleared my head and allowed me to start thinking about the next page I needed to write for a paper.

How about you? Do you have rituals or routines that help you prepare to work effectively?

Cheering you on!


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  1. I don't have anything in particular that I do. Pretty much whatever I think might help me at the time.

    By the way, I nominated this blog for an award. Take a quick look at my blog to see what it is.


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