Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What have I gotten myself into?

For some of you who have just started a new program or even for those who are starting a new semester... you might be having this feeling of "whoa, what have I gotten myself into" or you might be asking yourself, "did I bite off more than I can chew?"

These are feelings are common among graduate students. The fact is, you have taken on something BIG! Some of you have been out of school for awhile... or perhaps you are starting your dissertation which feels bigger than anything you have tackled before. Regardless of where you are in your process, know that these feelings are common among graduate students.

Despite these questions and concerns, know that you can do it! Many others before you have had the same doubts and have gone on to do great work and graduate! These feelings may be part of the process of taking on a big challenge. Again, you can do it!

cheering you on,

p.s. apologies to the vegetarians regarding the photo... but a big heap of string beans just wasn't going to have the same effect!

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