Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Encouragement and courage

"En-couraged people act with feeling and passion; they transcend separate self, isolation, inaction, and stasis. It often takes courage to 'move toward' and engage with others, to act from a place of authentic and strong emotion. We do not achieve courage once and for all, but we re-create it."

- Judith Jordan from "Courage and Connection: Conflict Compassion, Creativity," Work in Progress, no. 45 (Wellesley, MA: Stone Center, Wellesley College, 1990), p. 3 ((as cited in Robb, C. (2007), "This Changes Everything: The Relational Revolution in Psychology." New York: Picador.))

photo by HLS

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  1. What a great quote and how appropriate for this blog!


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