Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who helps you grow?

I begin today by thinking about my grandmother Mildred who believed in me on such a deep level. I remember that I would tell her of some success or achievement and she would say "Of course!". Her tone implied that she was not at all surprised, but expected such things. As she said "Of course" there was not any element of taking my work for granted, rather it was a combination of delight and faith in my abilities and my progress. I believe that my grandmother's confidence gave me a foundation of confidence and her love gave me an inner strength.

Who helps you grow? How do they help? Maybe today is a day to reflect on these important people? Maybe it's a day to say thanks. Also, I invite you to comment below with a story of someone whose love and confidence has helped you along the way.

Cheering you on in your work!

photo by HLS

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  1. My grandmother also believed in me and encouraged me. But I grew up benefitting from a lot of strong women who loved me and supported everything I did. Confidence is critical and I believe that is where mine came from - copious amounts of enCOURAGEment gave me the COURAGE to try. Trying and being successful reinforced my confidence. Being successful attracted more encouragement. And so the cycle went.

    My mother has always believed in me. Even now, sometimes all I need to take a step of faith is a wink, a thumbs up or a one-line email from my mom...all of which communicates YOU CAN DO IT. She's been right so far.


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