Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finish Strong -- ending the semester with gusto! Strategy One

Hi All, Here we are post-Thanksgiving, looking toward the end of the semester. My next few posts will focus on finishing strong. You may be tired, eager for the holidays, ready for a break and so on, however I'm here to push you to give these last few weeks of the semester all that you have. Dig deep and work hard -- you can do it!

Strategy One: if you aren't already, get organized! Don't spend hours doing this or it becomes another form of procrastination. However, if you don't have all of your books and papers together, gather these items. Second, make a clear to-do list/timeline. What needs to be finished before the end of the semester, and when are the deadlines? Are there things floating around on your to-do list that can wait until after the semester is over? Time to prioritize!

Readers -- do you have strategies that you use to "finish strong"? If so, please send them my way.

Tune back in on Friday for Strategy Two of "Finish Strong"

Cheering you on!

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