Sunday, October 10, 2010

Clear your mind -- transitioning from work to evening classes

A student recently asked for suggestions about how to clear your mind between a full day of work and evening classes. Here are a few suggestions:

1. If you are riding the bus or carpooling (not driving)... review some of your class notes, or notes from the week's readings, on your way to school.

2. If you are driving, select your music intentionally. Do you need music that will help you relax a little bit, or music that will rev you up? I have also found that listening to the same album or playlist every week on the way to class starts to become a ritual of sorts and so my brain begins to associate that music with going to school.

3. If music isn't your thing and you are driving or otherwise can't be reading, then use the car time to reflect on your readings for the week, or key ideas from the course...anything that gets your brain moving with course content. You might even imagine that a good friend has asked you what you're doing in the class, what is most interesting to you in the class, or what you want to know more about... answer those questions as you drive.

4. If you have time, meet a classmate for a quick dinner before class and talk about school.

5. If you work on the campus where you take classes, schedule time for a quick walk before class or go eat somewhere quiet so you can review material before class. You may be tempted to go right from the office to your evening class, but that gives you no time to shift your attention.

Other ideas?

Cheering you on,

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