Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time management -- disciplined breaks, how to avoid getting lost online, etc.

I have often advocated taking breaks while you are working. I know that the tough thing for many students is having the discipline to return to work after taking what was intended to be a quick break. In addition, I've had a few students tell me that they have trouble being disciplined about email, facebook, etc. while working. Back in the day, your stereo was across the room, as was your tv... and maybe your phone... you could turn off the tv and stereo and reduce your distractions. But now, as you work on your computer, endless distractions are at your fingertips.

One friend suggests Cool Timer - a free app you can download onto any computer. She sets it so that she works for 25 minutes, and then gets five minutes to surf the web etc., and then an alarm reminds her to get back to work.

Breaks are so valuable. If you have difficulty getting back to work, take the break and use Cool Timer to keep you on track. Let me know how it goes!

Cheering you on in your work,

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