Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Confidence -- who believes in you?

Who believes in you? Who is in your life at this moment, or was in your life previously, who really believed, or believes, in you? A partner or spouse? A parent? Grandparent? Aunt or uncle? Sibling? Cousin? Close friend?

How did this person convey that she or he believed in you? "I knew you could do it!" "You can do anything you set your mind to." "You have what it takes."

Confidence tip for today... think of one of these people who has believed in you. Focus on one or two things she or he said or says to you to convey that belief. Really focus on this, hear this person's voice in your head. Stay with that. Remember how you feel or felt when this person was in your life, or now, when she or he expresses faith in you. Really take in that feeling. And see if you can draw on it again next time you doubt yourself.

Cheering you on!

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