Monday, October 3, 2011

Stay on track -- even when others don't get you

Hi All,

I know that some of you have doubters in your life -- folks who don't get why you are back in school. Maybe they don't value education or maybe it's about their own insecurities or un-pursued dreams. Regardless, you made this decision with intention -- nobody goes back to school without thoughtful consideration and I'm sure you were no different. So, when those around you express doubt, or question that you are in school, or make little sarcastic comments, hold on to what you know in your core -- you are doing this for good reasons.

In addition, be sure to connect with people who "get it". Whether it's classmates or faculty in your program, or other friends or family, keep in touch and keep talking with people who will support you in this endeavor.

Any thoughts? Who has been supportive for you?

Cheering you on in your work,

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