Friday, October 28, 2011

The writing process -- sometimes it is dinner for two, and sometimes it's a wrestling match

My colleague Melanie Booth, host of the higher ed blog Prattlenog, has just published a post about a challenge she is having in her writing process. She is working on a chapter for a book and is having trouble with one particular paragraph. I invite you to read this post and get a glimpse of her process and how she views it.

I love:

* the respect she shows for the process itself

* the drive she has to "get it right" to clear up the one paragraph that she and others say isn't working

*and the humor she employs to persevere and not be defeated by this writing challenge

If you are working on your thesis or dissertation, read this, it will give you a boost:

Cheering you all (and Melanie and Polly) on in your work!


photo by HLS

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