Monday, May 4, 2009

The little decision points

Happy Monday!

I've been thinking about Paperback Writer's response. She tells us that she now tries to do her school work outside of the house when she can. I'm also thinking of Lisa's question about how sometimes she spends significant time organizing and that at some point takes away from the work time.

Paperback Writer -- your primary strategy of leaving the house is the best one! If some of what you are dealing with can't be controlled (e.g. noisy kids), then leaving for a quieter environment is best. Keep at it!

You also said that sometimes when you are working in your home office you are distracted by things in the office, like bills to pay. This is a little bit like Lisa's question about over-organizing to the point of procrastination.

The first part of this strategy is to recognize your little decision points. So when you are working and get distracted by wanting to clean or pay bills, or whatever... realize that you are at a decision point. Then really push yourself to make a decision that is consistent with your goals. Maybe that decision is to let yourself pay bills, but maybe you say "I can pay two bills and then back to work". And maybe it's "I'll pay bills on Sunday, today is a work day." A lot of this really is about self-talk.

Two examples.... I love shopping around my stock photography site to look for photos for this blog, but sometimes I realize it hits a point where I've been at that too long and should get back to work. I look at the clock and give myself five more minutes or whatever, and then I STOP and get back to work.

However let's say I'm thinking "I really need to return so-and-so's call." But I know that's gonna be at least 20 minutes. I tell myself, I can't do that today, I must work.

I don't do this perfectly all the time. I try to get it right as often as I can. Remember look for the decision points and then ask yourself the honest question about your decision and your goals.

Good luck with the work!

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