Monday, June 8, 2009

That thing you don't want to do -- jump right in

Hi All,

Right now I'm definitively in touch with taking on work that I don't really feel like doing. I received my dissertation from the style editor and now have a number of corrections to make (note to my students.... even I still make APA mistakes, though I've gotten a lot better!).  Anyway, so imagine this, after months of hard work, and then defending the dissertation, I'm feeling sort of done. (Friends of mine even sent me a tshirt that says, in big red letters, "DONE"! And then I get this puppy back from the style editor and I have to go back and fix some citations, correct some spacing, etc. It's not a lot, but it's a drag!

This would be such a an easy one with which to procrastinate. Instead, I decided to jump right into the work. I made the first chapter corrections later yesterday, so that when I started the work today, I'd already have some done, I'd have a little momentum. This is a lot less daunting than if I hadn't yet begun the corrections.

So, my tip for the day... when you face work you don't want to do, take on a little chunk and just get yourself moving.

More soon!

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