Thursday, June 4, 2009

You and your professor - part 3

Give a little somethin' back!

And I'm not really talking about cookies and milk! In the last two posts I discussed ways in which you might keep in touch with your professors and ways in which your profs might help you with your career development.

Today, I'm here to encourage you to give something back to your profs and your school. I'm not talking about cookies and milk, and I'm not talking about donating money. I'm talking about:

Giving to the program: help recruit new students, offer internships, help students and other alumni build their networks...

Giving to you professor: send your prof an interesting article, recommend a book, write to your prof about a twist on your experience of applying theory out in the field, provide feedback about the program... 

Giving back to your school and giving back to your prof, help your prof and school for obvious reasons. But this also helps you -- it keeps you on your prof's radar which takes us back to the networking we talked about on Wednesday.

Mutuality rocks! You give and you get. Happy Friday.

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